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 All over these years WELTRA, to meet the increasing specific needs of the market, has deeply established its presence in the storage and integrated logistic field  offering in its warehouses in Genoa the following services:


Storage / processing / distribution of goods. Specialized in:

  • Coffee

  • Solar panels

  • Rice

  • Dried Fruit


Depot services:

  • Fiscal Depot

Under the authorization of competent customs office, through this process, our customers can take advantage of the suspension of payment of the total amount of VAT due on import for both goods in transit and in storage. The importer must pay the due VAT amount only at the time of goods introduction into the EU market (through definitive customs clearance).


  • Temporary custody 

With  this procedure our customers can let in and store their goods at foreign state, through the issuance of a T1 doc (transit document) by the operator.



  • Type A.

Thanks to the the facilities of our structure, we can offer to our customers a type "A" bonded warehouse linked to its own Customs Authority section and related Revenue Guard corp.